Terms and Conditions

All products sold by Sherpa Modular, including kits and assembled modules are subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Sherpa Modular warranties assembled modules for a period of one year from date of sale. Modules are warranted against defects of materials and/or workmanship during that time. If a module service is required during the warranty period, shipping both to and from Sherpa Modular is the responsibility of the buyer.

2. If the purchased item is a kit, Buyer assumes all responsibility for successful and safe assembly, test, and operation of the kit. Sherpa Modular is not responsible for any defects of workmanship for modules assembled by Buyer.

3. Buyer is solely responsible for ensuring the purchased product will not damage other equipment that is connected to it. Damage to other equipment, surroundings, or any other damage resulting from operation of product is your responsibility. We are not responsible if you injure yourself or others, or damage any of your property or others property during the construction or use of modules or kits purchased from Sherpa Modular.